What is difference between digital printing and screen printing?

Simply speaking,digital printing has much lower moq than screen printing,this is the main difference.

What base fabric can you use for digital printing?

As a direct silk fabric manufacturer,could do digital printing on silk like silk chiffon,silk paj,silk satin,silk twill,cotton silk blends etc.

Digital printing base fabric also covers wool,wool silk blend,silk cashmere blend,modal cashmere mix,modal,polyester voile,faux silk fabric,cotton,silk wool blends,and so on.

Digital print scarf of materials above can be custom made.

Is there any special request about digital printing files?

Digital printing requests high solution high pixel file in order to get print clear and distinct,thus,when you have design for digital printing,please be sure your file(artwork) is of high solution. Usual requested DPI is over 300DPI. File formats can be TIFF,AI,PDF,JPG etc.

How to send digital printing files to your company?

Mostly,digital printing files are large,maybe over 100M.If less than 8M,could email us artwork.

These two ways are more suggested:

1)use online dropbox

2)record file in CD and send CD to our office address

What should I do if I do not have ready-made digital printing artworks?

Qualified artworks are necessary for digital printing.

If physical fabric/scarf sample available only but no artwork,please send us the sample to copy make artwork.Sometimes if only have a photo which is not ok for digital printing,write your requests detailedly,artwork might be made here as per your photo and also your request.

Or you could try a professional design company,ready-made file will be used for production directly.This is more preferrable.

Steps of custom digital printing

The following are the steps of digital printing,you could have an idea about our management.

  • select greige fabrics in nice status
  • greige fabric is delivered to our digital printing factory warehouse
  • check fabrics again to see if there is defect and roll fabrics
  • put fabrics in order,to ensure fabrics are not skewed in printing
  • put chemical water on fabrics
  • dry fabrics and roll fabrics,get fabrics ready for printing
  • digital printing: Have worker monitor printing,before production,print a strike off on each machine,to test printer and spray head is in well status,spray head has working life after all.
  • dry fabrics and fasten color
  • do washing finishing
  • recheck fabrics,if hand feel is not nice,then will be improved.
  •  (for digital print scarf)do hand rollling or machine hemming
  •  (for digital print scarf)pack scarves, pick up defected scarves and replace with nice ones,don’t put defected ones in bulk
some photos relative to above steps
8 colors ink in work
8 colors ink in work
dry and roll after adding chemicial water
After adding chemicial water,dry fabrics and roll fabrics to get greige fabrics ready for printing.
8 colors ink in work
Before digital printing,check fabrics again and again to see if there is defect.
digital printing with person observing
digital printing with person observing
digital printing with person observing
Put fabrics in order,to ensure fabrics are not skewed in printing,and add chemicial water.
8 colors ink in work
dry ready-printed fabrics