Buy Wholesale Grey White Silk Satin Fabric

Style No.: 56001

Composition: 100% mulberry silk


article No. weight width
14360 12mm 93cm
14656 12mm 114cm
14547 12mm 140cm
14mm 93cm
14548 14mm 114cm
14mm 140cm
14654 16mm 114cm
14394 16mm 140cm
14101 19mm 114cm
14116 22mm 114cm
14117 25mm 114cm
30mm 114cm


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Our advantages:

  • Own manufactory for grey silk fabrics,silk fabric and silk scarf direct manufacturer
  • Over 20 years experience in silk field
  • Small order supporting




silk satin 600 (1)

silk satin 600 (6)

silk satin 600 (5)

silk satin 600 (4)

silk satin 600 (3)

silk satin 600 (2)

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